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Services & pricing for online management services

Whether you're looking for an expert to assess ways you can 'DIY' your business operations, or a partner to position your business for growth, I can help.

And if you're looking for something else, just get in touch.


Find one that works for you



Evaluation of systems + automation 

Great entry point to see where you are + where you could be

75 minute 1:1 strategy session to delve into current systems

Written recommendations that are yours to implement

Can form part of an ongoing retainer project

If it all sounds a bit hard, I can make it happen

A little bit of guidance goes a long way!

*exc GST



Evaluate and implement systems for success

90 minute strategy session to establish where you are

Full audit and management of implementation

Building + documenting systems + streamlining procedures

Team, operations and project management

Advice on day-to-day 


Monthly strategy and planning sessions

*From $2400 pm/20 hours (exc GST)

Minimum 90 day retainer

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