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Online Business Manager FAQ

A professional who'll give you the freedom to scale

An OBM specialises in optimisation and automation and works with you to identify the big picture, help prioritise ideas and goals, create growth strategies and implement the systems to make them happen. 

What is an Online Business Manager?

An OBM manages all the parts of your business so you, can concentrate on what you do best.

OBMs manage the day-to-day operations using project, operations and team management skills.  A great OBM ensures efficient and effective processes are in place. They build and lead the team (so you don't have to).

Most importantly, an OBM is your right hand. Someone to bounce ideas with; someone to help identify goals and priorities; someone who specialises in system optimisation and strategic planning.

An Online Business Manager like me, is someone who can give you time to take your business where you want it to be.

What does an Online Business Manager do?

Analyse, Systemise, Optimise

An OBM reshapes your business through  systems anyone can follow, automation that saves time and strategic planning to grow your business as you reach your targets.

A three step process

  • Where are you now 

  • Plan + Implement the change

  • Get it done

It starts with an audit (not the tax kind) of your current systems and operations to identify where and how you can grow your business.

We'll work together to plan, implement and achieve your business success.​

Is it one size fits all or does an OBM customise?

Definitely not a one size fits all!


An OBM looks at your business and designs a customised, streamlined plan to suit your individual needs.

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