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A few little things...

As mentioned in my Proposal, I've set out a few little things below - some housekeeping if you will!

I am delighted at the prospect of partnering with you and your business and I take great pride in providing quality services to help my clients reach their goals.

Hours of operation

I am based in Australia and my normal working hours are between 10am and 4pm Monday to Friday, Australia Eastern Standard Time.  I commit to responding to emails within 24 hours 


All services are prepaid and work will commence once payment is received. 

All invoices can be paid by Paypal, Stripe or direct bank transfer with the first month due in full at the commencement of the Contract.  Subsequent invoices will be issued on the same date each following month. 

Refunds/rollover of hours

When you purchase a retainer package with me, I commit to being available for those contracted hours each month.  This commitment impacts my other clients and for that reason refunds are not offered and hours cannot be rolled over.


No confidential information will be disclosed by me to any third party. All documentation provided during the course of a retainer will be returned to you at the conclusion of the Contract.

Time Tracking

I time track electronically for each client to ensure I am utilising every minute effectively and accurately.

Password sharing

I use the Bitwarden app to safely exchange and store passwords with my clients. I ask that clients set up an account so that they can securely share their passwords with me. Please share passwords with:


Please ensure any changes or cancellations to meetings occur at least 24 hours beforehand. I do understand of course that life can sometimes get in the way, so advice at your earliest would be appreciated.  Similarly, I will ensure the same in return!

If there is something missing, please feel free to send me an email and ask away! 

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